This is a fairly random collection of videos mostly nothing to do with us, where we were at the mercy not only of the mix but how good the mic was on someone's camera in the audience, so apologies in advance for the sound quality!

Live at Sunrise Celebration 2014 - Surya


Live at Off The Tracks Festival 2013 - Prchla


Live at Waveform Festival 2012 - Orchid-Ska


Live at Chesterfield Mayday 2012 - Barefoot (in the Sunshine)

probably the coldest gig we've ever played even though it was in May!


Live at Out Of The Ordinary 2011 - Passion

(our first gig with Julia and Damien)


Live in Milton Keynes 2011 - Puja


Live at Waveform 2008 - Passion

The one time the full 9-piece line-up from the 'Faster' period were all on stage together

Sadly the video was being fed from one of the monitor channels by mistake so you can't hear everybody!


Orchid-Star feat. Rogue - Passion

Video for our first single out mid '08 on Archangel recordings

(and Pete's first attempt at producing a video!)

  Orchid-Star playing 'Dans La' at the opening of the William Morris Mosaic, Tolworth Roundabout, October '06
  Orchid-Star playing the full version of Passion at The Synergy Project, May '07