Downtime 5 & Orchid-Star release delayed -

Very sorry to have to announce the release date for our new album Merge has had to be put back to July 13th due to really naff printing job on the CDs - redoing them with another company now. The launch party will now be Sunday July 15th at Cafe Cairo. Meanwhile if you were planning to come to Cafe Cairo for the launch on Jun 17th there will still be a free Downtime Sunday chillout from 6-11.30 so come along!
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New album - Kwali Kumara & Pete Ardron - Ecstatic - Kundalini Yoga Mantras -

Please confirm you would still like to receive emails from Orchid-Star and Pete Ardron -

Downtime 4, release dates and Orchid-Star live dates -
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Orchid Star updated their cover photo.

Orchid Star is with Pete Ardron and 8 others.

Just a few days left on the Orchid-Star CD crowdfunder. We now know the campaign is going to hit the target but if you still want to take advantage of the special offers - bargain prices for this and the other albums, a named thankyou on the back of the CD or anything else, now's the time to do it! (Please share if you want) And yes, the cover has changed!
Orchid Star updated their cover photo.

Orchid Star updated their cover photo.

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Forgot to change the subject title but this isn't just a repeat of the last mailout - it has news of a gig with Psibindi tomorrow night

Halfway through our crowdfunder and after an astonishing 24 hours the pledges made or promised have now surpassed our target so the new Orchid-Star album will now definitely be coming out on CD - yeh!!! But we are going to keep the campaign running for the remaining 3 weeks so if you want to take advantage of all the reward offers - this and the other albums at bargain prices - signed copies - a named thank you on the cover - the poster or even the dedicated remix please do so while you have the chance! with Myriam Tocko-salvetti, Samantha Ah, Karl Walinets, Dj Sean Spindrift, Damien Thill, Sandra Eveno,Margy Newens, Hilary Davies

Please share! We will be releasing the new Orchid-star album 'Merge' digitally in May or June but if the demand is there we would love to see it on CD too. So for the next 6 weeks we are running a crowdfunder offering a range of rewards from getting the album for a real bargain £6 up to committing acts of stupefying generosity and getting a bunch of goodies and a dedicated remix of your favourite Orchid-Star track. It's all or nothing, ie. if we hit the target we go for the CDs, if we don't you don't pay and we accept we are now in the digital age! But if you think you might want one don't risk waiting! Check out all the goodies here: including a soundcloud link to an album-taster mix. with Myriam Tocko-salvetti, Samantha Ah, Sean Spindrift, Karl Walinets, Sandra Eveno, Damien Thill, Margy Newens, Hilary Davies,

Crowdfunder to get the 3rd Orchid-Star album 'Merge' on CD -

Downtime 3 this Sunday with special guest Nathassia (and other news) -
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The annual what was and will be letter + Boogie Woogie New Year
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