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11/02/15 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us!!! DSC00517-35.jpg
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us!!! 10 years today since our first gig at Planet Angel
6/05/14 Sunrise Celebration Sunrise
We are happy to announce we will be headlinging Sunday night on the Cat's Cradle Stage at Sunrise Celebration 2014. It'll be a busy week for some of us as Myo and Pete will also be performing with Nathassia Devine and Sean and Pete will both be DJing
12/12/13 New Year at Planet Bob Planet Bob
We will be seeing the New Year in with Planet Bob's Chai Emporium - Sean and Pete will also be DJing. Details on the Live Dates page
30/10/13 Soma Sonic, Liverpool soma sonic 1234815_572371432829200_1060083627
We will be playing at Soma Sonic's 8th birthday celebrations at HAUS in Liverpool on Saturday, November 23.
Details on the Live Dates page
1/09/13 Waveform cancelled, Wales instead Mountain-Party-Flyer-sm.jpg
Doubtless many of you will already have heard abut the sad cancellation of this year Waveform Festival, an event weíve been part of every year itís been and very close to our hearts. For those of you that didnít I apologise that youíre hearing this so late from us Ė that is simply because we have been waiting to know what the options were for ticket holders and what involvement we would have in any event going on to make up for itís loss. I gather now that all ticket holders should have already been contacted but if not you can find out about your options here:
As the ticket holder party being organised this weekend will not be able to accommodate full live bands Catís Cradle Ė our hosts at Waveform for the last few years have teamed up 5D Collective and will be putting on a party at a beautiful farmhouse location in the welsh mountains, 3 stages - Psy Trance in the Barn, Bands and Alternative in the Geodome, plus a chillout and cafe at the back of the house, free camping.
5DC - Presents Summer Ascension - Details on the Live Dates page
13/05/13 Orchid-Star at Digital Journey digital-journey1.jpg
Orchid-Star will be playing at Global Digital Masters Presents Digital Journey, Sat. May 18th.
This will be our first gig with Karl Walinets, like Pete and Myo an ex-member of Glow, on trombone, sax and bass
17/03/13 Lotus Bloom - Sand Ra & Pete Ardron Remix Orchid-Star_-_Lotus_Bloom_-_SandRa-PeteArdron
To celebrate the impending arrival of spring - a fitting addition to the remix collection from within the band. Download Sand Ra and Pete's remix of Lotus Bloom from the Freebies page
9/03/13 Off the Tracks Spring Festival OTT spring-logo-2010.gif
Orchid-Star are confirmed for Off The Tracks Spring Festival, Sunday May 26th - details on the Live Dates page.
1/02/13 Wildflower - Polynectar Remix (Squazoid) Orchid-Star_-_Wildflower_-_Polynectar_Remix_(
To mark the 5th anniversary of our first album Birth's release on Liquid Sound, we have another FREE treat for you. A remix of my favourite track by a brilliant artist - Squazoid. Download the Polynectar Remix of Wildflower from the Freebies page
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